Ruby Blitz

LBX: Ruby blitz

This is Kia's 3rd LBX. It Was made by fusing parts of Dark Pandora and Kunoichi

Section headingEdit

Ruby Blitz motif is a Combanation of Kunoichi and a Pandora. Its main color is gray, and red for the armor frame. Black is added for style. It has two red eyes with red marks at the sides. Its main weapon in the blasters at the end of the arms, it can also be removed. Its legs has a floataion divice which is seen as feet, which gives it a capability to walk and float

Special Modes/ MechanismEdit

  • Bloody Mode: in this mode, Ruby Blitz will glow into a bright red color, and its speed, attack and defense increases

Attack Function(s)Edit

  • Souken-Rangeki: it can only be used when Ruby blitz is usings its blades. The LBX jumps of to the opponent and fires a blue barrage of energy.
  • Blaster Blitz: (used while blaster is equiped) The LBX Stands and uses one foot to spin around while repeatedly blowing its blasters
  • Bloody-Hyper-Bomb: A move which creates a Giant Red hyper bomb (can only be used once)