Nu Mary
Nu Mary


Nu Mary






TRAL Elite Officer







Nu Mary is one TRAL's elite officers & the most loyal as well, making her one of Ban & his friends' enemy. She first appeared in ???, where she ????. She also seems to bring a book whenever she goes to.


Nothing is known about her except she hates LBX from long ago. This is because during one of her younger brother has been killed in one of the brainjack incident caused by Detectors. That time she fell into despair but then Legal G then came & invited her to join TRAL with sweet words, stating that all LBX has dangerous potential in them & must be stop. Nu Mary eventually accepted the invitation & steels her resolves, determination & ideals to terminate all LBX.


Mary was known to be arrogant, sttuborn & very loyal to TRAL. She speaks & acts like a lawyer & sometimes used harsh words to provoke & taunt anyone who annoys her. She hates all LBX but couldn't destory one in front children's eyes for her brother like LBX when he was little. But even so, that doesn't weaken her resolve to destroy all LBX.


  1. Nirvana: Mary's LBX which custom-made to match her ability to make intelligent use in any objects. In this case, Nirvana's electromagnetic weapons to create projectiles & charged up weaponries for brutal & relentless close-combats.


"Nothing will shake my resolve! Even my brother hate me in heaven, even I shall be decleared evil, my resolve will be as hard as steel!!" Nu Mary stating her resolve.

"Yamano Ban, enemy of TRAL, you shal be punished for your sins here & now!!!" Nu Mary battling Ban.

"Karol Reef Aeon, for crime of treason against TRAL, you shall be striped from your position & permantly excommunicated. Accept the Judgement of the Iron Maiden!!!!" Nu Mary starting a battle with Karol.


  • Nu Mary's personality is based on Daisy of Sket Dance but without any nice part in her.
  • Nu Mary once study to become a lawyer but gave it up when she lost her brother.

Chong Kah How (talk) 00:58, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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