Kurenai Anemone was Jin' coach who taught him how to play LBX.

Kurenai Anemone






LBX mechanic, Seekers's agent(formed), Innovators's LBX trainer(formed)


Innovators(formed), Seekers(formed)







Appearance Edit

She has pale skin, avenged height. She has black eyes, pink hair, some part of hair is red wine. She wears beige sweater, grey-purple skirt, her legs are covered in bandages and black belt from knees to ankles. She also wears black sandals.

Personality Edit

She was a calm, intelligent, gentel person, but sometimes she very strict, especially with Jin. From inside, she loved Jin as her sister.

Before serving Innovators, she worked as a hard, skillful mechanic.

Background Edit

Although she looked like 15, actually she was 30. She was a big fan of the anime " Kill la Kill". After realizing Innovators' s scheme, she began to betray them and working as a spy of Seekers. 2 years working for Seekers, she was discovered and was killed by Innovators' mercenary

LBX and CCM Edit

Because she was a great mechanic and a big fan of " Kill la Kill", she created Senketsu- a handmade-strider LBX found on a character of the anime.

Her CCM was a navy- blue smartphone.

Trivia Edit

In Japanese, her name Kurenai means red, anemone is one kind of flower means trustful .

Her favorite food are wine- chocolate and strong alcohol, her least favorite food is the salted.

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