Danball Senki Phantasma Raid, Danball Senki PR for short is my fanfic & game.


Same as the Danball Senki games but there are new changes:

  1. A Combo bar has been added.
    • Appeared when in Tension Bar at where Tension was used
    • Add combos to attack with mix of button inputs
    • If both Tension & Combo ran out, LBX will at a Overheat state (cannot move or attack)
  2. Raid Chips & Raid Skills have been added
    • Raid Chips are special abilities (like Blazblue's Drive) & appeared on several LBX chips only.
    • Can only put one Raid Chips on one LBX only.
    • Raid Skills will appeared as a small bar above your Tension Bar.
  3. There are boss battles
    • Boss LBX will fought with a longer HP & a special 'condition' or phase like Leviathan Boss Battle has 2 Phases
      • Phase 1: Normal boss battle underwater with Leviathan swimming above while you battle on ground
      • Phase 2: Phase 1 + Leviathan in AquaJet Mode.


  • Prolouge: Riot Announcement
  • Chapter 1: Fallen Heroes
  • Chapter 2: New Strength
  • Chapter 3: World Shift
  • Chapter 4: Aquaroad the 1st
  • Chapter 5: Aquaroad the 2nd
  • Chapter 6: Aquaroad the 3rd
  • Chapter 7: Bridge's Pillar Broken
  • Chapter 8: The Iron Maiden
  • Side: Karol's Smile
  • Chapter 9: Grand Kingdom I
  • Chapter 10: Grand Kingdom II
  • Chapter 11: Sudden Betrayal
  • Chapter 12: Invaded Kingdom
  • Chapter 13: Kill the Traitor
  • Chapter 14: Last Smile of the Child
  • Chapter 15: Next Dawn
  • Chapter 16: Old Friends Gathered
  • Chapter 17: Africa Wilds
  • Chapter 18: Tiger's Claw Stolen
  • Chapter 19: Karol's Ghost
  • Chapter 20: Venice's Maze
  • Chapter 21: Angel of Judgement
  • Chapter 22: Rebirth of a Friend
  • Chapter 23: Order of Quatro
  • Chapter 24: LBX Olympic Day 1
  • more to come


  • I only write the chapter you wanted to read. Sorry!! :( It's just I have more things to do.

Chong Kah How (talk) 07:19, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

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